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Last Updated on: 17th Nov 2023


11. Vehicle Security Guidelines

11.1 Securing from External Factors: Users are responsible for safeguarding the vehicle against external factors, including human interference and adverse weather conditions.

 11.2 Window Closure: All windows must be closed, and the User should remove the key and manually lock the vehicle. Failure to do so may result in fees or charges.

 11.3 Belongings: Zeta encourages Users to be responsible for their belongings. If a User realizes they have left personal items in the vehicle after completing their booking, Zeta will make a best-effort attempt to locate the lost items if notified within 90 minutes of the successful return of the vehicle. However, Zeta is not responsible for any loss or damage to such items.

12. Fees and Eligible Expenses:

12.1 Fee Policy: Users are subject to the Fee Policy outlined on the Application/Website, covering various fees, costs, penalties, and expenses such as rentals, excess kilometer charges, damage fees, late payment fees, extension fees, penalties, and fines.

 12.2 Reporting Vehicle Issues: In the event of vehicle issues or damages, the User must report them to Zeta, and Zeta will arrange for necessary repairs. For urgent repairs (e.g., outstation cases), Users can proceed with repairs after obtaining prior approval. Users who pay for Eligible Expenses related to vehicle repair must keep the invoice, which should clearly indicate the date and time of the expense during the booking period. The User should print their name on the invoice and provide a physical original copy to Zeta’s vehicle attendant upon returning the vehicle.

 12.3 Reimbursement Process: Zeta will reimburse the User or credit their account after verifying the claim and corresponding invoices. Reimbursement will be settled in the monthly invoice and will only occur with a valid invoice. Invoices submitted later than 3 days from the invoice date will not be eligible for reimbursement.

 12.4 Definition of Eligible Expense: For this Agreement, ‘Eligible Expense’ refers to expenses incurred by the User for vehicle maintenance, such as new wiper blades, light bulbs, or windshield-washer fluid, authorized in advance by a Zeta Representative via email, SMS, or phone communication.

13. Taxes

13.1 User’s Tax Responsibility: The User is solely responsible for paying all taxes, duties, fines, and penalties as required by applicable laws and regulations, related to the credits or bonuses received under this Agreement. Zeta may collect Goods and Service Tax from the User and deposit it with government authorities.

13.2 Tax Deduction at Source: Zeta may deduct taxes at source from the credits or bonuses awarded to the User as per applicable law. The User must report any non-receipt of tax deduction certificates within 90 days of such deduction.

14. Maintenance and Cleanliness:

14.1 Routine Maintenance: Zeta will conduct routine maintenance on all vehicles. However, Users are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the vehicle, especially during longer booking periods or when the vehicle signals a need for service or maintenance.
14.2 Prohibited Substances: Using tobacco, cigarettes, cigars, or alcohol inside the vehicle is strictly prohibited. Users may incur additional fines if evidence of smoking, chewing, drinking, or dipping is found in the vehicle.
14.3 Burning Prohibition: Burning any substances inside the vehicles, including tobacco, drugs, and incense, is strictly prohibited.
14.4 Maintenance Ownership: Zeta Partner’s name will appear on all service and maintenance invoices since the vehicle is registered in Zeta Partner’s name. Users cannot claim maintenance costs borne by Zeta as expenses for tax purposes, nor can they claim GST input credit on maintenance invoices.

15. Breakdown or Incidents:

15.1 Reporting: Any breakdowns or incidents involving the vehicle must be reported to Zeta immediately by phone and email.

 15.2 Breakdown and Roadside Assistance: Users must follow the owner’s manual instructions if an issue arises that may limit vehicle use or compromise safety. Users may be responsible for towing, repairs, and related expenses in certain circumstances. Users must maintain the vehicle’s condition as handed over to them.

 15.3 Jump Start: If a User performs a jump start, they must inform Zeta immediately and are responsible for any resulting damage. Jump-starting any vehicle other than the Zeta vehicle is strictly prohibited.

 15.4 Incident Reporting: In case of an incident involving property damage or a third party, the User must complete police reports, incident reports, and gather specific information.

 15.5 Investigation and Cooperation: Users must cooperate with Zeta in the investigation and defense of any claims or lawsuits resulting from incidents involving the vehicle. User accounts may be suspended during investigations.

 15.6 User Responsibility for Costs: Users are responsible for the costs related to repair, recovery, and loss of vehicle use resulting from incidents, up to the current damage fee as specified in the Fee Policy.

 15.7 Accidents and Refunds: Zeta is not liable for refunds or costs incurred by the User due to accidents or breakdowns. However, if Zeta determines that the User is not responsible for the breakdown, and this is communicated promptly, the User may be eligible for a refund.

 15.8 Out-of-Court Settlements: Any costs, expenses, or losses resulting from out-of-court settlements with third parties without Zeta’s written consent will be the User’s responsibility.

16. Traffic Violations, Tolls and Interstate Payment Taxes

16.1 Prompt Notification: You must notify Zeta’s authorized representative as soon as possible within the prescribed deadline of any traffic violations.

 16.2 User Responsibility for Violations: You are solely responsible for any traffic violations resulting from inappropriate use of the Vehicle, such as unauthorized parking, speeding, running red lights, photo enforcement, and toll violations. This includes fines, late payment fees, and processing fees imposed by regulatory authorities. You must report such violations to Zeta within the prescribed timeline. Zeta will inform you immediately after learning of any such violation and you must promptly pay the relevant fines to the concerned authority and provide proof of payment. Failure to do so will result in Zeta paying these amounts, which you must reimburse.

 16.3 Toll Receipts: User needs to bear the toll tax. You are responsible for fines and expenses related to these documents during the booking period.

 16.4 Vehicle Inspection: Check for traffic violation notices or interstate tax violation notices on the Vehicle at the time of pickup.

 16.5 Parking Responsibility: Do not leave the Vehicle in restricted parking zones. If you do, you are responsible for any violation notices or towing charges incurred by Zeta. Additional financial penalties may be imposed if other Zeta customers are inconvenienced due to the Vehicle’s unavailability.

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